Hey Everyone!

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

We Thank You for checking us out. (Especially if you’re local).

We are always up & down in numbers but it’s a filtering process. “Applied” Wing Chun is not for every one. That doesn’t mean some one who doesn’t last with us is a bad person.

Everybody does martial arts for different reasons. Some like the exercise, some enjoy the relaxation they feel after, some think it looks pretty… & then there are others who want to use it to supplement their MMA, feel confident in dangerous situations- or still others who’s hearts Cry Out for battle & want to excel in street fights in general.

Applied Wing Chun is traditional Wing Chun without a doubt! The difference is that we train for real situations & real contact! We always reach you for realistic pressure as well as understanding of distance (which teaches timing from the start). We add pressure as you get better & you never know the difference. You just get better.

That doesn’t mean we are bullies like some schools I’ve seen. It also doesn’t mean I will teach you Chi Sau & say “you’re good now, you can fight.” That would be a dis-service to my students as well as a disgrace to the art I love & have committed my life to.

Kung-Fu is Chinese slang that loosely translates to “work” or “hard Work” I won’t lie to you, it takes thought, dedication, understanding, & even some pain sometimes.

I have the benefit of having a SiFu who is the BEST I’ve ever seen (at LEAST in Wing Chun) and also was a friend & class mate to the late Bruce Lee but also went on to be a Disciple & private student of the Now (possibly) even more well known than SiBak Bruce Lee, the Late Great Ip Man! Both of their SiFu & my SiGung.

Everybody can talk theory in Wing Chun. Theory is subject to change& most people cannot translate theory to application. We can! The principles of Wing Chun are not subject to change. People that fight know that fighting (the way people fight) is always changing. People today don’t fight the way the did 100 years ago.

In Wing Chun, if you follow the principles & it’s functional…Its Wing Chun.
If it works who can say its wrong? Realistic fight theory comes from experience (“sum faat” in Chinese)- something you’re body learns by experience- literally like riding a bike.

There is a Wing Chun school for each & every one’s needs based on what they want out of it.
We welcome any one but want people willing to train (Thai boxers, grapplers, MMA guys/free fighters- scrappers) to understand that we are teaching something real here.
I teach the way I was taught… & furthermore the way My SiFu taught me to teach. The better you get the more pressure We will give you & the better you make your classmates. Tough guys are welcome! Everybody helps every one else, always upping the level.

Most likely, I’ll never be financially rich from Wing Chun. I can however be rich in knowing that I’ve done my part to continue to continue Our Wing Chun for another generation.

The art of Wing Chun is “I can hit you but you can’t hit me.” This is a living breathing art & one of our strengths is that we can adjust. I teach traditionally and the rest takes care of it’s self. It’s the beauty of simplicity in motion.

Check us out. See if it’s for you!


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